We are an organization that presents dynamic forms of contemporary art in alternative spaces. The mission of the organization is to provoke and support emerging artists and youth, talented and awaken for the world’s beauty, willing to get to know themselves better, to dream and interpret the perception of life using art, psychology and cultural approaches.

History of the Association:

Since 2008 to 2015, the association implemented eight editions of the Annual art festival “Different Vision”. The event had a week-long program, combining performances of local, national and international artists in different locations within the city. These include cinema festivals, theatre and dance performances, musical stages, circus and street art, poetry readings, eco activities, volunteering initiatives and workshops for children.

As of 2012, ACAC Different Vision renovates, supports and shapes the meaning of the house of the second Stara Zagora architect – Hristo Dimov (1923), which is a cultural heritage monument. The House of The Architect was recognized by local, national and foreign audience as alternative art space, encouraging exchange of creative ideas, and access to variety of visitors with different age and background, however united by their curiosity towards art, psychology and volunteering.

Since 2014, the association implements annually “Jazz in the Yard”, 3-day event related to the International day of Jazz. It includes exhibitions, lectures, cinema and outdoor musical and dance stage. It takes place in the House of The Architect – cultural heritage monument, managed by ACAC “Different Vision”.

Aside from that, the association regularly implements activities related to cinema, exhibitions, musical performances, art workshops. Recently, it developed an Art Residence program. You can follow our other activities in our Facebook Page.


“The Architect’s House” is the personal home of architect Hristo Dimov since1923, one of the few remaining architectural monuments of Stara Zagora.The house is part of the architectural complex, made by architect Hristo Dimov, along with the neighboring two residential objects,inhabited by significant families,part of the city history. It was declared a cultural monument of local importance in 1977, a typical example of architecture from the beginning of the century.The single-family house is the first designed building by the architect, who returned to his home city after his graduation in Prague in 1921. Following the architectural tendencies of the West-European style arch.

Dimov has evolved from a moderate geometric secession, through romanticism, to a vision influenced by Bauhaus, discovered in the ornaments and geometry of the building. Since 2012, the “Association for Contemporary Art and Culture -Different Vision” supports and renovates through volunteer work this architectural monument of culture, which has been abandoned for the previous 30 years. Under the name “The Architect’s House”, the independent art space is recognized by visitors and guests of the city as a center for art, psychology and exchange of creative ideas.